Brian Tyler Cohen Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth- YouTuber

Brian Tyler Cohen is a popular podcaster, YouTuber, journalist, producer, and actor from the United States who has yet to be credited with a Wikipedia Bio.

Cohen is well-recognized for his social site’s political and social analysis. He is a Lehigh University alumnus and co-hosts the No Lie podcast with Brian Tyler Cohen.

Brian Tyler Cohen Wikipedia Bio

Brian Tyler Cohen is a popular American public figure. He has been in the 2016 movies Submerged, What Happened Last Night, and Independents’ Day as per his bio.

He is currently pursuing his ambition of being employed forever as an actor and writer in Los Angeles. Besides, Cohen is a talented artist who has established a strong online persona.


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In terms of his early upbringing, his parents raised him in a loving and caring manner in the United States. As a result, Brian holds American citizenship.

Additionally, the actor appears to be in the 30 to 40-year-old range. He has learned how to keep the details of his own life hidden from the press up until this point after looking into his own past.

Brian Tyler’s Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Brian Tyler is currently unmarried so he does not have a wife. However, the actor is currently dating his girlfriend Ashley Brinkman.

In an Instagram post, Brian disclosed that he has a girlfriend named Ashley. He wished his lover a good Valentine’s Day.

Ashley has attempted her shot at acting, very much like Tyler, and she has featured in films including Blue Call and The Malibu Tapes.


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She is primarily a reporter, on-camera host, and social media manager. The gorgeous actress is employed by Hollywire right now.

The couple routinely posts each other’s images on social media and appears to be much in love. Additionally, they have frequently been seen spending quality time together.

Brian Tyler Cohen Net Worth 2022

Brian Tyler Cohen has earned a net worth of over $2 million throughout his acting career.

He has made quite a sum through instructing and films. However, his primary source of income comes from sharing his opinions on his podcasts or through social networks.

Additionally, Brian has 1.12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His clips typically receive up to 500 thousand views on average.

Cohen is also highly active on Instagram, where his user name is @briantylercohen. On the platform, he currently has more than 165 thousand fan followers.

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