Brice Rhodes Crime And Charges, Where Is He Now In 2022?

Brice Rhodes is a rapper from the United States who has been charged with shooting and killing Christopher Jones in May 2016.

Investigators claim that after some time, Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon were murdered. Currently, he is jailed and doing his sentence and has been facing several other charges.

Besides, Rhodes is a 31 years-old artist who used to make hip-hop tracks.

Learn About Brice Rhodes’ Crime And Charges

Brice Rhodes was charged with murdering black man Christopher Jones, who was in his 40s. He was also involved in a shooting in May 2016.

In the same month, Larry Ordway, 14, and Maurice Gordon, 16, were killed and Rhodes was found guilty of their murders. Officials claim that he stabbed the youngsters before setting fire to their remains.

The teenage brothers’ social media sites featured a picture of them with a weapon, which generated numerous reports claiming they were gangsters.

Following his court session on September 23, the convict made threats against Judge Amber Wolf. He was charged in November 2016 with third-degree uttering threats and scaring a witness in a legal proceeding.

Despite being filed more than five years ago, the matter is still ongoing. Due to the suspect’s inappropriate behavior, immaturity, irrational reasoning, and other circumstances, the case has been delayed multiple times this year.

The most recent trial took place in January 2022, although it’s anticipated that the issue will be tabled until 2023.

Where Is He Now In 2022?

Brice Rhodes has been detained by the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections since May 2016.

Regarding the threats made against the police, Rhodes was charged on Friday with terroristic threatening, wanton endangerment, and criminal mischief.

He submitted a not-guilty plea on his behalf. Rhodes was told to stay away from the officer and his family. A $100,000 bail was imposed for him.

Apparently, Rhodes tried to escape Metro Corrections by tearing through the concrete blocks, as per the report. He is being held in protective custody in isolation until trial.

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