Brice Rhodes Wikipedia, Mother and Parents, Latest News

Brice Rhodes is a Louisville-based rapper who came into the limelight after gagging and stabbing his twin brothers (Larry Ordway,14, and Maurice Gordon, 16) on May 22, 2016. The 51 years old rapper has a Wikipedia page and has also been highlighted on major news portals like talkmurder.

Rhodes killed two young boys after they witness him killing another man named Christopher Jones on the streets of Louisville, Kentucky. According to police authorities, Brice’s aim was to kill Christopher and collect the bounty placed under his death. He killed Christopher Jones by shooting him in the torso and later passed away in the hospital.

Brice Rhodes Wikipedia Explored

Brice Rhodes aka Beethoven is an American rapper, American record producer, mixing engineer, and businessman. Wikipedia has covered the major portions of his career as he produced music for several south rappers like Scarface, Pimp C, Killermike, and many more.

Rhodes’s contribution to rap started after the premiere of 8Ball & MJG’s debut album, Comin’ Out Hard. He collaborated with Lil’ Troy to produce “Wanna Be A Baller” and the entire Sittin’ Fat Down South album. The South rapper played a key figure in the growth of Third Coast (Gulf Coast) and produced artists like C-Note and the Botany Boyz, Mass 187, Willie D, Yungstar, Fat Pat, Lil’ Keke, and Big Hawk.

Insight Of Brice Rhodes’s Parents: Who Is His Mother?

Brice Rhodes hasn’t disclosed any details of their parents including their names and home. As per the reports, his parents might be living somewhere in Kentucky as they are the Kentucky residents for a very long time.

His parents have never identified themselves as Brice’s parents, nor were they present in the courtroom while Brice argued his case.

Rhodes’s mother once claimed that her son is mentally unstable. As a result, he often stays away from his parents and doesn’t stay in their contact.

What Is The Latest News On Brice Rhodes?

Brice Rhodes is currently imprisoned in prison and a new date has been scheduled for the trial of his triple murder case. He has been charged with other violent and sexual offenses over the course of the investigation, including hitting a fellow prisoner and attacking Judge Amber Wolf.

There are also allegations that Rhodes attempted to escape from Metro Corrections by digging through the blocks.

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