Brittany Smith Wikipedia, Crimes and Charges, Where is She Now?

Brittany Smith Wikipedia: Brittany Smith is 34 years old woman from Stevenson, Alabama who pleaded guilty to the murder of the rapist in 2020.

According to her, she shot and killed Todd Smith, a friend, and former classmate who had known Smith since they were teenagers was shot and killed in January 2018. Smith stated that she acted in self-defense as he raped her and tried to kill her brother Chris McCallie.

Brittany Smith Wikipedia Explored

Wikipedia doesn’t feature Brittany Smith. She is a 34 years old woman from Stevenson, Alabama who pleaded guilty to the murder of the rapist in 2020.

She revealed that Todd which was under the influence of Xanax, amphetamines, booze, and meth grew aggressive and raped her.  Speaking in the court, she said, “He warned me not to utter a f**king word or he’d killed me.”

She rang her brother Chris McCallie to ask for a lift to a neighboring gas station, who arrived to pick Brittany and Todd up. She claimed that she was too afraid that Todd would kill her brother.  As a result, she wrote down what happened and gave the paper to the store clerk, telling her brother to speak with him when he dropped them off at their house.

As per Brittany’s testimony, McCallie came back with a gun and confronted Todd. She further said, ” Todd threatened to kill them both while holding McCallie in a headlock and strangling him.” According to her, she fired a bullet, killing Todd in self-defense.

Her Crimes And Charges Explained

Brittany Smith was arrested on a murder charge in March 2018 and pleaded guilty to murder in 2020, a month before the start of the trial period. She was charged with 20 years in prison and expressed her disappointment with having an agreement with a plea deal.

Furthermore, She tried to utilize the state’s Stand Your Ground law, which enables the use of lethal force in certain circumstances, but a court rejected her request. Her case story was documented by Netflix and was titled “STATE OF ALABAMA Vs Brittany Smith.”

Where Is Brittany Smith Now?

Brittany Smith was out of prison in May 2021 as she was allowed to use lethal force to defend herself. She was again fallen back into her old habits and broke her probation not once, not twice, but three times after returning from prison.

As per reports, she reportedly took someone else’s urine for a drug test after relapsing on methamphetamine on March 5, 2022, which is what caused the most recent event that resulted in her re-arrest. She is currently detained at the Montgomery Women’s Facility, in Alabama.

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