Cameron Herrin Car Accident Trial Update, Where Is He Now?

In April, Cameron Herrin started serving his 24-year sentence for the death in a car accident.

Authorities in Hillsborough County are pleading with a court not to lighten his sentence. He was found guilty in the fatal street racing accident on Bayshore Boulevard.

Cameron Herrin Car Accident Trial Update

Cameron Herrin driver of the Ford Mustang struck and killed a mom and her infant on Bayshore Boulevard in 2018. He was 18 at that time.

During a hearing, the judge rejected the young American driver’s request to have his sentence reduced, Temp Bay Times reports.

In December 2020, Herrin entered a plea of guilty to two occasions of accidental murder and three counts of illegal highway racing. He was given a 24-year prison term, but he filed a request to have it lowered to 10.

As opposed to a youthful offender, which the judge claimed he considered, the young racer received an adult punishment, as per the source.

Herrin misunderstood and didn’t completely realize the charges, according to his defense team, John Fitzgibbons, during the hearing.

Where Is He Now?

Cameron Herrin is still doing his prison term at the Graceville Correctional Facility.

Herrin’s automobile accident plea is still ongoing. Criminal defense lawyer Bjorn Brunvand believes the young guy has a good case and deserves another opportunity.

The defendant’s request for the court of appeals to reconsider the sentence has been granted, as per the reports mentioned by Fox News.

If the defense’s request is approved, Cameron will have a fresh court hearing. In addition, the Reisinger-Raubenolts’ evidence will be repeated by the prosecution.

An internet cult has formed around this horrible event. It was tragic to learn that Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and her 21-month-old daughter had passed away.

The young man was only 18 when he committed the crime, thus many people feel that his 24-year sentence is disproportionate.

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