Chandler Halderson Murder Case Update, Who Is His Girlfriend?

Chandler Halderson was found guilty by an Adane County jury on Thursday of the killing and murder of his parents the previous summer.

Halderson is a native of Windsor, Canada. He is currently considered of being a killer, and people have been researching him a lot recently.

Chandler Halderson Murder Case Update

A Wisconsin court has concluded that Chandler Halderson is responsible for all charges connected to the murder of his parents, Bart and Krista Halderson.

Two charges of first-degree intentional homicide, dismembering a corpse, and burying a corpse are among the accusations Halderson is accused of committing. Additionally, he has misled investigators looking into a missing person.

A farm owner who had spotted Chandler strolling from the wood line on her land a few days prior to his reporting his parents missing gave deputies a clue.

Deputies uncovered what turned out to be Bart’s remains after searching that area, CBS News reports. However, Krista has yet to be located, and more inquiry is still being conducted.

Halderson remained silent during the trial session as his attorneys pleaded not guilty on his behalf. Throughout the hearing of the judgment, he kept his head straight, according to the source.

The judge has set March 17 or 18 as the estimated date for the sentencing hearing. However, the lawyers need to consult with the judge first.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Catheryn Millender is the reported girlfriend of Chandler Halderson.

The ex-girlfriend spoke on Thursday as the horrifying murder trial got underway. Millender admitted to the prosecution that she was the one who was most likely with Chandler during the first week of July.

The Windsor native informed the court that she gave the authorities whatever they requested when she was being questioned. Further, she fully collaborated with the police officials.

Catheryn said that she simply thought Bart and Krista Halderson were missing. She just wished them to be found while she spoke about the killings, as per the source.

Catheryn’s mom, Dulce Mellender, has also spoken forward and described how Chandler informed her about his dual employment at American Family Insurance. He also lied about his work with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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