Ciarran Stott Girlfriend Ruby Burciaga, Wikipedia Bio, Net Worth

Ciarran Stott is a British reality TV star who is currently in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Ruby Burciaga. His role in the unscripted television drama Unhitched female Australia is known as the optimist.

He is one of the 18 men competing for the affection of Angie Kent, a former Gogglebox star.

Meet Ciarran Stott’s Girlfriend Ruby Burciaga

Ciarran Stott, who is one of the most controversial casts of The Bachelor series, is currently dating his girlfriend Ruby Burciaga.

Ruby is a popular Instagram model. The 28-year-old British personal trainer and Instagrammer wished his followers a happy new year on Monday while posting a selfie of himself and his new partner.


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However, some followers slammed the romantic selfie. The picture which revealed a topless Burciaga dressed in nothing but a G-string while Stott patted her bare chest was labeled as vulgar, Daily Mail reports.

More concerns emerged when his ex-girlfriend, another Bachelor cast member Renee Barrett, showed up on the Fijian island. She admitted that Stott had actually left The Bachelorette and Angie to be with Burciaga.

Ciarran Stott Wikipeida Bio

Ciarran Stott is frequently referred to as The Bachelor in Paradise’s bad boy as per his bio. He is well-known for his pleasant nature, numerous tattoos, slim physique, and lengthy, blond lion’s hair.

However, the young reality star was hardly identifiable when he went back to his profession as a personal trainer in Melbourne.

With darker hair covered by a cap, he seemed to be quite thinner. The 28-year-old British actor had a notably different, slightly mournful appearance.

When Ciarran was 18, he learned that many other family members had been mistreated. At this point, he had lived in Australia for five years.

His Net Worth Uncovered

Ciarran Stott has earned a net worth of around $2 million throughout his career as a reality star and personal trainer.

Timm Hanly and Ciarran Stott have succeeded in converting reality television into successful influencer businesses.


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As per renowned talent agent Max Markson, the cast members including Stott reportedly get up to $5000 for each Instagram post.

He continued by saying that the real superstars under his management demand $1000 for a 24-hour Instagram Story.

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