Dario Minden Wikipedia, Age, Twitter

Dario Minden has not been featured by Wikipedia so far. He is an activist football enthusiast who seeks to defend the sport from pure market logic.

He criticizes how the Qatari organizing committee for the 2022 FIFA World Cup violated human rights.

Dario Minden Wikipedia Bio

Dario Minden is a football fan activist who campaigns for fan rights in Qatar, as per his bio.

He will not view the World Cup in Qatar since he loves football. Minden is not afraid to argue with the ambassador of the state.

In relation to the World Cup in Qatar, the German Football Association offered an invitation to the Monday human rights meeting on its campus in Frankfurt.

The fans’ voice on that particular day is Minden. Opening addresses are given before the cameras are turned off.

He uses English to speak to the ambassador of Qatar in Berlin directly as well as to the general public.

His Age Uncovered

Dario Minden seems to fall under the age category of 25-30 years old.

However, the exact date of birth and birthplace is yet to be revealed. Dario is a homosexual German.

He has opposed Qatar’s killing of homosexuals. The young football fan has also demanded that it modify its anti-LGBTQI legislation before this year’s World Cup, as per the source.

Homosexuality is currently prohibited in Qatar. The Penal Code (2004) criminalizes acts of sodomy and sexual intercourse between individuals of the same sex.

Meet Dario Minden On Twitter

Dario Minden is available on Twitter under the userhandle @darfmin.

The young activist has been active on the platform since March 2019. He has been followed by over 1 thousand people so far.

Minden frequently tweeted about the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and how the management team neglected employees’ safety and human rights.

Josh Cavallo, an openly gay Australian football player, said in July 2022 that while he had hopes of playing in the World Cup. However, he is unsure if he would feel secure in Qatar.

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