Francesca Vacca Agusta Wikipedia, Cause Of Death

Francesca Vacca Agusta was a noblewoman from Italy whose English Wikipedia Bio isn’t available at the moment.

She was formerly a salesperson in Genoa. She wed Count Corrado Agusta in 1974, the proprietor of the eponymous firm as well as an industrial and helicopter constructor.

Francesca Vacca Agusta Wikipedia Bio

Francesca Vacca Agusta was a highborn lady who had a dispute with her husband and they got legally separated in 1984. With no offspring from his partner, Count Agusta passed away in 1989.

After the count passed away, the countess became engaged in several legal battles over inheritance issues. She particularly got involved in a legal fight with Riccardo “Rocky” Agusta, the child of her first marriage.

The property of her late husband, notably Villa Altachiara di Portofino, was eventually passed down to her. The countess afterward moved in with restaurateur Maurizio Raggio from Portofino.

Raggio was a young jet setter from the Côte d’Azur. She joined the PSI in the middle of the 1980s, about the same time when Bettino Craxi and the PSI formed their partnership, as per Wikipedia.

As a trusted buddy, Raggio has long enjoyed privileged relationships with the Craxi family. He was also the subject of a Mani Pulite investigation that also involved Countess Vacca Agusta.

During her final years, she was the subject of rumor stories due to her breakup with playboy Raggio and her following relationship with Tirso Chazaro. Tirso was a well-known local businessman from Mexico.

Francesca Vacca Cause Of Death Explained

Francesca Vacca Agusta died after falling into the sea from her Portofino villa’s cliff. She sadly passed on January 8, 2001, at the age of 58.

The Church of Divo Martino hosted her funeral service. On January 22, her body was discovered being dragged by sea currents along the French Riviera’s beaches.

This event, which dominated the international headlines for years, was the subject of numerous investigations. The primary theories explored were those of suicide, murder, and accident. These assumptions were later determined to be the most believable ones.

A posthumous psychological examination of the countess’ body revealed that Vacca Agusta had a problem called childhood regression. This made her seek attention when things got tough.

Currently, Domenico Vacca Graffagni, the deceased woman’s brother, thinks that Chazaro, who has been identified as the sole heir to her €26 million (£18 million) estate, pushed her.

He is requesting that the investigation into the passing of his sister be reviewed, as per the reports mentioned by The Independent.

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