Is Ishowspeed Gay? Sexuality and Girlfriend Details

Many people have concerns about Ishowspeed’s sexuality. Is he gay? No, he isn’t gay as he clarified that he is straight through Youtubeshorts.

Ishowspeed is a renowned webstar. He is a gamer and a YouTuber.  Speed has gathered massed more than 88.3k followers on Twitch where he entertained his followers by posting gameplay videos for games like Roblox, Resident Evil 7, Lunch Lady, and many more.

He also has a Youtube channel called” IShowspeed” which currently has 13.3k subscribers. Speed also has two Youtube channels called Speedy Life (90.1k subscribers) and Live Speedy 513 (126k subscribers).

Is Ishowspeed Gay?

Ishowspeed isn’t gay. The webstar clarified that he ranted with public self-declaration that had identified him as gay. He came out as gay in September 2021 as they were having a live-streamed conversation about romantic relationships with a friend and well-known musician named Ava.


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A day later, the Youtuber made a video where he clarified that he isn’t gay. Speed said in the video that he was irritated when he made the statement and didn’t mean to say what he did. He clearly said that he was straight to dispel any confusion that his reported “coming out” speech had caused.

His Sexuality Preference

Ishowspeed’s sexual preference is straight. He made a youtube video where he denied the gay rumors and requested people not to believe such rumors.


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Several fans, who were already ecstatic that the gamer had come out as gay, were not persuaded by the statement, and it had little effect on them. A Twitter handle named @peepjxsh said that Speed’s homophobic and toxic community forced him to retract his claims about his sexuality.

Who Is Ishowspeed Girlfriend?

Ishowspeed is currently dating a girlfriend named Ermony Renee. He shocked his fans in late 2021 by revealing his girlfriend in a live Instagram broadcast.


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Ermony, popularly known as Dream has appeared on IShowSpeed’s channel multiple times. She is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Other information about her is not available at the moment.

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