Is Jason David Frank Dead or Alive? Cause of Death

Currently, there is news all over social media that Jason David Frank is dead and has silently passed away. Is the news true or it is just a hoax?Β 

Jason David Frank is a well-known American actor who is best known for his portrayal of the role of Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers Franchise. He played the role of a Power Ranger for more than 2 and a half decades.

Moving on, he is also a mixed martial artist who has a 4-0 Amateur MMA Record. He then made his professional debut in MMA on August 4, 2010, with his opponent Jose Roberto Vasquez in a heavyweight match.

In addition, he won his debut match with an impressive time of just 0:46 in the first round by submission.

Is Jason David Frank Dead or Alive?

The popular actor Jason David Frank is rumored to be dead. Though the number of people believing it is vast, there isn’t an official source to confirm the speculations yet.

Social media including Twitter is flooded with fans calling out him and paying tribute to their hero.

A Twitter user shares that Jason’s Trainer Mike Bronzoulis confirmed the untimely passing of the TV Legend. But many are not believing it to be true.

Moving on, there isn’t any confirmation from his family members or his management either.

It is quite unclear how the rumor started in the first place but as of now, it has taken all over the Internet.

Revealing Jason Frank’s Cause of Death

As previously stated there isn’t an official source confirming that Jason David Frank has passed away. However, if it is true then people believe that the actor has died by suicide.

It has come to the spotlight that he recently went through a terrible divorce. On top of that, his stepdaughter named Shayla died last year by suicide.

The actor seems to have been going through a lot lately. And fans assume that his failed marriage and the death of his stepdaughter pushed him to take an extreme step.

However, until an official source or a family member of his confirm it, we cannot say whether the actor is dead or alive.

His fans have been wishing the news be fake and have prayed Jason to be alive. We will be soon updating once we get more information about it.

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