Ishowspeed Net Worth in 2022, Parents and Biography

Ishowspeed has an estimated net worth of $12 million. He is a popular Youtuber and social media personality from the United States.

Speed first gained popularity as a gaming YouTuber.

Ishowspeed Net Worth In 2022

Ishowspeed has earned a net worth of around $12 million throughout his Youtube career.

His main source of income is YouTube. Because of the restriction his Twitch channel has, Speed is reasonably active on the Google-owned app.

He also works in the music industry as a rapper. Some of his tracks, like Shake, WorldCup, and Ronaldo, have gained popularity on YouTube (Sewey).

IshowSpeed relocated to Los Angeles and began to show up on YouTuber Adin Ross’ streams, which once more aided the development of his career. In the US, he enjoyed some recognition.

Who Are His Parents?

Ishowspeed was raised by his parents in the United States. They are of black American ethnicity.

Additionally, Speed occasionally has his younger sister come into his room while he is live streaming to say goodnight or engage with him.

He also has a younger brother who lives with his mom. Speed’s younger brother sometimes can be listened to in the background insulting his older brother in the background of his live streams.

The 17-year-old is still in high school, but it’s evident from his behavior that he despises it, as per the source.

Ishowspeed Biography Uncovered

Darren Watkins Jr., popularly known as IShowSpeed, is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based hip-hop singer. He is also a soccer player, gaming YouTuber, and a variety of live-streamer, as per his bio.

On his many live streams of online gaming, Darren is renowned for his lavish, strange, impatient, and showy nature.


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He became one of the youngest content producers with the fastest-growing channels in 2021. The teenager quickly gained over 1 million subscribers.

When Darren’s supporters began posting videos about him on TikTok, he rose to greater fame.

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