Jeremy Fragrance Wikipedia, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Instagram

German social media star Jeremy Fragrance doesn’t have a Wikipedia. He became well-known thanks to his Youtube Channel Jeremy Fragrance” which currently has 1.93M subscribers and 244,466,636 views. He got the Jeremy Fragrances as he criticized the fragrances of different news.

Jeremy is the greatest fragrance influencer with 415 posts and 62k followers on Instagram. He regularly uplaods perfume reviews, recommendations, and testing videos on his Youtube channel.

Jeremy Fragrance Wikipedia

Jeremy Fragrance is yet to be featured on mainstream media portals. However, the world-class perfume tester is highlighted on several media portals like besttoppers with a detailed bio.

His interest in fragrance grew when he was a teenager; thanks to his curiosity and determination to learn. Luckily, he was successful in converting his passion into a full-time job. Jeremy not only advises both men and women in great detail about the right fragrance but also runs her own perfume shop.


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His company, Fragrance One, was created in partnership with master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Jeremy earned the Consumers Choice Best Vlog of the Year Award from The Fragrance Foundation in 2018.

His Networth Revealed

According to the idol’s net worth,  his networth is estimated at $2M. He generates enough money annually to maintain a good standard of living. As a model, Jeremy earns between $22,000 and $201,000. The major portion of his earnings was from views, blogging, and brand promotion.

Fragrance turned his Youtube career into a profession in 2014. He believed that his sense of smell was different from other people’s and that he appreciated the fragrance of plants and flowers. He was trying to do something different and transformed into a critic and a perfume.


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Gaultier le Male vs. Paco Rabanne was the first video he posted on Youtube. His unique style of review received over 444,865 views. After After the initial video’s success, he began to smell more pricey fragrances, such as Versace, Dolce, and Gabbana.

Additionally, he started reviewing more about fragrances and covered the topics like fashion-related subjects like dresses, suits, pricey to cheap accessories, and hairstyles.

Who Is Jeremy Fragnance’s Girlfriend?

It’s still unknown whether Jeremy Fragrance has a girlfriend or not. The fragrance influencer has been quite secretive about his personal life.


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There are no details about previous relationships available on the Internet. He is totally focused on his career and working on collaborations with different perfume brands like Versace, Dolce, and Gabbana.

Follow Him On Instagram

Jeremy Fragrance is available on Instagram at @jeremyfragrance. He has a verified public account with 415 posts and 629k followers.

His IG post includes reviews and recommendations about a variety of perfume brands. He also loves to share his luxurious lifestyle with his followers.

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