Politician and Engineer Sagar Dhakal Biography, Age and More

Sagar Dhakal is an Engineer turned Politician from Nepal who has been making several headlines since the recent Election. 

Why is everyone suddenly talking about Sagar Dhakal? Is he someone people should be aware of? Let us talk in brief about his past as well as present involvements and contribution.

Sagar Dhakal Biography: Who Is He?

Sagar Dhakal isn’t a new name for the people of Nepal. He first became the center of attention 5 years ago after making an unforgettable appearance in a public debate show hosted by Bidya Chapagain.

The public debate show had Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba as the main guest and people were given chances to talk directly to the then-PM. In addition, the show was called ” Sajha Sawal” and was presented by BBC Media.

Sagar was also given a chance in the show to talk to the PM and he was well prepared for that. He courageously asked Deuba when would Nepal also get a properly suited and educated PM like any other developed country.

He also pointed out that since Deuba’s tenure, Nepal had gone downhill in development works. His words made an immediate change in the atmosphere of the room.

Everyone from that room found the queries necessary and to the point but former PM Sher Bahadur Deuba wasn’t pleased. He immediately replied in a furious tone to Dhakal saying ” You are talking unnecessarily, Shut Up….”

The actual video of Deuba and Dhakal from Sajha Sawal instantly went viral all over Social media.

Sagar Dhakal’s Come Back In 2022 Election

After 5 years since his first appearance on National TV, Sagar Dhakal made a comeback in late 2021. After completing his education, he returned with the only intention to win the election and become the next Prime Minister of Nepal.

He made it public with several interviews that he had challenged Sher Bahadur Deuba for the House of Representative Seat from Dadeldhura. Moving on, he stood up as an independent candidate with no previous connection to Politics whatsoever.

He slowly started gaining love and support from People across Nepal. Several people even went to Dadeldhura to support his Election Campaign.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Sagar lost the election after gaining only 13,042 votes. Deuba won a total of 25, 534 votes and won the election by a huge margin.

Details On Sagar Dhakal Education Background

Politician Sagar Dhakal has expertise in the field of water, energy, health, environment, and climate. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the reputed Pulchowk Campus.

Later, he went to Oxford University in the UK to pursue a Master’s. In addition, he has a Master’s degree in the field of Policy and Management ( Water and Energy).

Since his graduation, he has worked in different countries like Kyrgyzstan, China, Switzerland, and more. His first official project after completing his education was with ICSHP/UNIDO.


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How Old Is He?

Sagar Dhakal is 31 years old as of 2022. He was born in 1992 in Gulmi, Nepal. Unfortunately, his full birth date isn’t available for now.

Follow Dhakal On Social Media

Sagar Dhakal is active on his official Facebook page under the username @sagardhakaler. He currently has a massive 199k likes and 314k followers on his Facebook profile. 

Similarly, he also has a Twitter account with 32k followers.

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