Revealing Alessia Piperno Instagram, Boyfriend and Biography

Alessia Piperno, the 30 years old Italian travel vlogger was all over media portals after she got arrested in Iran. According to the italinanpost, she goes by the name @alessia_piperno on her Instagram and also runs a travel Instagram page called travel.adventure.freed.

As per the story shared by her parents, Piperno was arrested on 30th September 2022, a couple of days after she uploaded a detailed post on Instagram. She wrote, “Her people are tired of being puppets and are protesting on the streets.  They are fighting for their liberation. Men, Women, and Children are risking their lives during the protests on the streets”

Revealing Alessia Piperno Instagram

Alessia Piperno is available on Instagram at @alessia_piperno. She has a private account with 220 posts and 312 followers. Piperno also runs another travel page under the name @travel.adventure.freedom. The account currently has 598 posts with 67.3k followers.

The travel vlogger explores beautiful destinations from all over the world and allows the audience to explore experiences from one country to another country. According to her, ” The World is a beautiful place and I wanted to explore travel, meet wonderful people and discover the true beauty of the planet.”

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

It’s unknown whether Alessia Piperno has a boyfriend or not. The Italian travel vlogger hasn’t disclosed any details about her boyfriend and relationship in media portals.

Piperno has always shared her love for traveling and wanted to live a classic monotonous life. Speaking in the media portals, She stated, ” I decided to leave everything as I wanted to travel the beautiful world and shared my journey with millions of people.”

While traveling through Iran, she got arrested after she posted a detailed post on her Instagram. Alessia was arrested and kept detained for 40 days in a Tehran prison. She was later released after intense diplomating work between Iran and Italy.

Alessia Piperno Biography

Alessia Piperno was born in 1992 in Rome, Italy. Any details about her family are not available on the internet. The Italian traveler started traveling when she was only 24 years old.

She already visited the countries like Australia, Samoa, Iceland, India, Pakistan, and Iran. Piperno got arrested while she was planning to return to Pakistan.

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