Seemona Sumasar Wikipedia Biography, Where Is She Now?

Seemona Sumasar Wikipedia: She is a previous queen resident who is now working to start over and become even stronger after her ex-partner, Jerry Ramrattan raped her on March 8, 2009. She filed a police complaint and wanted him out of her life.

Jerry Ramrattan gave his ex-girlfriend the option: pay him or get the rape charges against him dropped. However, Seemona refused and demanded punishment for his shameful act. He began planning his vengeance as soon as he was released on bail.

Ramratten spoke with three distinct folks and started preparing them against Seemona. One person was even assured of a special visa for victims of violent crimes. Despite his plans, Jerry was sentenced to 23 years and 1/3 years in prison. He is currently imprisoned on New York City’s Riker’s Island.

Seemona Sumasar: Wikipedia Biography Explored

Seemona Sumasar, 36, is an old immigrant from Guyana. She never finished college, but she succeeded to get a six-figure job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. The single mother met Jerry Ramratten, who introduced himself as an NYPD officer.

The pair instantly hit it off and started dating. Later, Jerry moved into Sumasar’s house, and the two talked about getting married until she got a call from another woman who claimed herself as Jerry Ramratten’s wife and mother of three children.

The relationship fell apart when Sumasar’s trust in the guy she had come to depend on was significantly shattered by the incident. She requested him to leave by February 20, 2009, but he denied to leave under any circumstances.

Two weeks after the deadline, Seemona again confronted him to leave which ended in a heated agreement. As per Seemona, “He assaulted me and tied my hands with duct tape.”She claimed that Ramrattan also pulled a weapon and briefly pointed it toward his own head. The situation got even worse when she tried to get off her bed as Jerry dragged her into the basement and raped her.

Charges On Seemona Sumasar’s Ex Boyfriend

Ramrattan gave his ex-girlfriend the choice: pay him or get the rape charges against him dropped. Sumasar opposed and wished him out of her life. As a result, he constructed the pieces of vengeance with detailed planning. Seemona would be accused of robbing three people at gunpoint and the evidence would be overwhelming that the police wouldn’t need to look anywhere else. Ramratten would be cleared of the rape charge, and Sumasar would be made to pay for their separation.

A police informant came forward weeks before her trial was scheduled to begin and told them that Ramrattan had set up his ex. Prosecutors spoke with Sumasar and started to investigate the allegations she had made during her nearly one year in custody. Ram was sentenced to 23 years and 1/3 years in prison and was held at New York City’s Riker’s Island.

Where Is She Now?

Seemona Sumasar is currently working on rebuilding her life and becoming even more resilient than before.

She lost her home, business, and custody of her daughter fighting for the mess. Sumasar now pays everything with a credit card and makes sure to leave zero trails. Nassau County compensated her with $3 million for the loss during her jail period.

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