Sherry Shriner Husband, Her Age and Documentary

Sherry Shriner never shared anything regarding her husband or marriage life.

Shriner was a popular alien-reptilian cult prophet who was born into a wealthy family. She has declared herself to be a Messenger of the highest God.

Sherry Shriner Husband: Who Is She Married Too?

Sherry Shriner never mentioned any details regarding her husband. She could have therefore been unmarried.

However, the cult leader was friends with Steve Mineo before his fiancée Barbara Rogers entered the scene. After that, things took a new turn, as per the source.

As was mentioned, Shriner developed jealousy and banned Steve and his partner, Barbara, from the cult band with support.

Barbara reported that her lover Steve requested her to shoot himself in the head, and she did. She claimed that Sherry was in control of both of them at the time.

Her Age Uncovered

Sherry Shriner was 56 years old at the time of her death in 2021.

The Alien Reptile Cult leader was born in 1965 in Cleaveland, Ohin, USA. She was really different from the other children.

Sherry was on her own conversing with the Devil while other children were considering the toys they would be receiving for Christmas.

She used to be closest friends with the devil, but as she got older, she started to have problems, Washington Independent reports.

Sherry Shriner Documentary Story Explored

Sherry Shriner’s conspiracy theories were detailed in the six-part VICE documentary series named The Devil You Know.

The 2017 killing of Steven Mineo by his lover Barbara Rogers was ultimately motivated by Sherry’s beliefs about reptilian aliens.

On July 15, 2017, a desperate 911 call started it all off. This was long before local law enforcement learned the name of an online conspiracy theorist.

The documentary program will premiere on March 29. Shriner is one of those folks whose fame only spread after their passing.

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