Simone Starr Wikipedia, Net Worth, Partner and Age

Simone Starr Wikipedia: Simone Starr is a famous FHM model who later turned out into a drug smuggler. She was a Penthouse Pet and a bikini model before being arrested for smuggling meth.

The former model also worked as a prostitute and international drug trafficker. She gained prominence in Sydney’s underworld in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Simone started smoking and drinking at a very young age.

FHM once listed her in the top 100 hottest women in the world. She left drug trafficking and prostitution after meeting her ex-partner Brett Boyd. She fled to the United States after a parcel bomb blew into Brett’s face. He later committed suicide in 2008.

Simone Starr Wikipedia

Simone Starr is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page. However, she was listed on several reliable media portals like Dailymail and 247newsaroundtheworld with a detailed bio. She was renowned for her modeling career and parcel bomb case. Her mother introduced her to prostitution which destroyed her life completely.

Starr was convicted of transporting methamphetamine in 2009 and given a six-and-a-half-year prison term. Later, she was transferred to the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Center in Silverwater, Western Sydney, Australia. As per Dailymail, she received parole in 2019 and relocated to the eastern suburbs.

Her Networth In 2022

Simone Starr hasn’t disclosed her networth to the media. However, it is believed that she wasted all her earnings on drugs and prostitution.

As per news 24, she started studying while she was in prison and completed her bachelor’s in Human Services. Simone currently works as a care and support worker at an old age home.

Who Is Simone Starr Partner?

Simone Starr is currently dating her partner Britt Young. Britt is a retired female prison guard who served for over five years. She consoled Simone in jail via a long therapy session that lasted over a month.

The pair started dating a year later and Britt helped her to stay completely out of drugs and prostitution. The pair now lives a happy life in Sydney, Australia.

Her Age Revealed

Simone Starr seemed to be in her late 50s. However, her exact date of birth and birthplace is yet to be revealed in the media.

Starr was only 23 years old when she meet Brett in the 1990s. She is also known as Simone Cheung.

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