Who Is Anfernee Simons Girlfriend Bre Hudson? Relationship Explored

Anfernee Simons is currently dating his beautiful girlfriend Bre Hudson.

Simons represents the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA as a professional basketball player from the United States.

Who Is Anfernee Simons’s Girlfriend Bre Hudson?

Bre Hudson, popularly known as the girlfriend of Anferenee Simons, is a well-known online influencer.

Hudson is a brand ambassador and an inspiring artist. She is also an actress with a significant Instagram following.

As per the Texas beauty’s IMDb page, she made her acting debut in the movie Old Man Jackson as Chey. Her other notable works include Crystal(2022) and Behind Closed Doors (2020).

Early in February 2021, the actress and her lover took a selfie in front of a mirror while Simons glanced over her shoulder. They shared the photo on Instagram.

Only about two weeks later, Hudson and Simons shared an outdoor picture in homage to Valentine’s Day. The couple went live on Instagram in October 2020.

Anfernee Simons And Bre Hudson’s Relationship Explored

Anfernee Simons And Bre Hudson have been dating each other for quite some time. So, they seem very close to each other.

However, after taking a photo with the Trail Blazers player’s Slam Dunk trophy, Hudson was recently accused of being a gold-digger by social media users.

The 21-year-old previously made headlines for appearing in the much-awaited Dunk Contest. He celebrated his victory with his loving girlfriend after winning the NBA Slam Dunk competition.

Hudson shared pictures of the couple holding the NBA Slam Dunk trophy on Insatgram. Along with some supportive remarks, she also encountered online users who labeled her a gold digger.

As the two posed with the prize, Hudson gushed about how proud she was of Simons. But, many thought she was really there for the Trail Blazers star’s wealth and fame, as per the source.

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