Who Is Derrick Van Orden Wife? Children, family details

Derrick Van Orden is an American politician who is currently married to his wife Sara Jane.

In addition, he is a former US Navy SEAL who worked in the US Navy SEALs from 1998 to 2014. He is also a businessman, actor, and writer.

Meet Derrick Van Orden Wife Sara Jane

Derrick Van Orden wedded Sara Jane after meeting her for the first time over 27 years ago.

The American pair regularly posts photos of one another on social media. On numerous instances, they have also been seen routinely sharing quality time together.

Derrick used his leadership abilities after leaving the Navy to work with Fortune 500 corporations. From there on, he and Sara relocated to their farm.


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The couple made the decision to reopen the community cafe in order to repay the community for its generosity toward them.

This started a two-year journey that ended with the Butternut Cafe being reopened as a social hub for family and buddies.

Derrick then made the decision to go to law school in order to further his passion for study and America, according to his Wikipedia bio.

Who Are His Children?

Derrick Van Orden is a wonderful father to four adorable children.

The former American Navy SEAL recently revealed his fatherhood experience with four children and six grandchildren on Apple Podcasts.


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He talks about his motivation for running for Congress and his family’s reaction. For new or soon-to-be fathers, Orden gives some excellent advice.

He discusses his religious beliefs and how they have helped him raise his children. A Book of Man: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to the Lost Art of Manhood, which Derrick wrote, is one of his best-selling works.

Derrick Van Orden Family Details Explored

Derrick Van Orden was raised by his family in Wisconsin, The United States.

He and his brother were brought up by their adored mother, Carol, in rural poverty. She instilled in them the value of struggle and independence.

She was a fierce Irish farm girl who taught her kids to never give up on a fair fight and to speak clearly. His family was a practicing Christian, as per his self-titled biography.

Besides, Derrick started acting while he was in the military when he appeared in the movie Act of Valor. He kept acting and made two more movie appearances.

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