Who Is Rick Lagina Wife? Cancer Rumors, Net Worth

Rick Lagina does not have a wife as he has never been married. Besides, he is a former postal worker from Northern Michigan.

Lagina always wanted to find the answer to the Oak Island Mysteries.

Who Is Rick Lagina Wife?

Rick Lagina has never been married. So, he does not have a wife.

The American treasure hunter has been living a public life for almost ten years. Regardless of this fact, he has stayed a very private guy, as per The Cinemaholic.


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Marty Lagina, his brother, has made it well known that he is wed to Olivia. The couple has been blessed with two kids together, Alex and Maddie.

Lagina, on the other hand, is a different story. Whether the 69-year-old has ever been married or has had a previous relationship is still a mystery.

His Cancer Rumors Explain

Rick Lagina is said to have been diagnosed with cancer. However, all of these rumors are untrue.

All of these speculations seemed to have originated from the widespread misconception that the American personality may have skin cancer.

Although Rick is in great health, the program suggests that he constantly takes unwarranted risks. So, people are really eager to see if the plague stays away.

Besides, he became quite ill from a bacterial infection. But, he received prompt medical attention and recovered for a while, enabling him to fully heal and get back to work, as per the source.

Rick Lagina Net Worth In 2022

Rick Lagina has earned a net worth an around $10 million as of 2022.

Lagina has spent a sizable sum of money searching Oak Island’s beaches. But, he has been able to regain a portion of it by working as a cast member for the Curse of Oak Island.


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Unverified rumors claim that the average episode salary for the cast is $100,000. The brothers would receive a salary of around $2 million every season if there were an average of 20 episodes per season.

However, Rick and Marty insist that they are not in the treasure-hunting profession for financial gain, Districtify reports.

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