Who Was James Prout? Wikipedia, Death Cause and Documentary

James Prout is not available on Wikipedia yet. He was tortured for months before being killed by a group he thought of as friends.

The time it took for the investigation of his 2016 killing to be released was harshly criticized by his family.

Who Was James Prout? His Wikipedia Bio

James Prout was a vulnerable man from England who was killed by a group of his neighbors.

On March 27, 2016, he was discovered deceased in a wasteland close to his North Shields house. As per a council, the inquiry into his murder should be completed in the next weeks.

In 2017, four persons who he believed to be his pals were sentenced to prison for his ‘Dark Ages’ torture and demise.

The report, as per North Tyneside Council, is complicated but “near” to being disclosed to Mr. Prout’s family.

The statement was ‘taking the pure Michael,’ according to his brother Eddie Prout, who had to wait so long to read it.

His Death Cause Explained

James Prout passed away after being taken captive and experiencing horrific violence. At Newcastle Crown Court, Ann Corbett, 26, and Zahid Zaman, 43, both of Percy Main, were convicted of murder.

A jury was informed that after the killing, they buried Prout’s body in the wasteland. It remained unnoticed for more than six weeks, BBC reports.

The fourth then allegedly wrote false confession letters to three of them confessing to the killing. Newcastle Crown Court was informed on Wednesday.

Prout allegedly suffered several violent assaults after a string of incidents in late 2015. He had his teeth pulled out with a hammer and chisel and was made to eat his own testicle.

James Prout Documentary

The story behind the brutal murder of James Prout has been narrated by several sites as a documentary.

Today, his brother has spoken up about sad James’s upbringing and shared his opinion. He told his brother was not given the care he required since he had previously committed crimes.

The grieving brother has revealed for the first time how he worries James may have experienced abuse while he was a child in care. This may have added to his problems.

Along with seven other siblings, James and Eddie were raised in Newcastle’s Scotswood neighborhood, as per the source.

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