Why Did Seemona Sumasar Get Arrested? Charges Explained

Seemona Sumasar was arrested and charged with threatening three people with a gun in her hand while manipulating a police officer from September 2019 to May 9 of the year 2022.

The New York native has finally been released from prison after being detained for a couple of months while attempting to convince the cops that it was not her fault. She stated that an outraged ex-boyfriend had set up a complex frame-up of her for a sequence of staged armed robberies.

Why Did Seemona Sumasar Get Arrested?

Seemona Sumasar was arrested on suspicion of committing a robbery, but it is now thought that she was the victim of a sophisticated plot by her ex-boyfriend, whom she had allegedly raped her.

Sumasar was released from prison and her ex-partner was later detained. However, she lost her bakery shop and home for being falsely imprisoned, as per the reports suggested by Yahoo.

According to the claims made by Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice to ABC News, her ex-boyfriend Jerry Ramrattan’s complicated series of lies and manipulation turned this innocent woman’s situation into a tragedy.

According to the attorney general’s office, the suspected frame-up was believable due to the extraordinary focus on detail and the carefully thought-out strategy.

Seemona Sumasar Spent Months In Jail: Her Charges Explained

Seemona Sumasar was charged with two counts of theft, two counts of illegal possession of a firearm, two counts of aggravated burglary, and two offenses of carrying body armor without permission.

Victim Terrell Lovell called the police in March and told that a man and a woman who were posing as cops had robbed him at gunpoint, as per paperwork from the Nassau County District Attorney’s office.

Lovell was in a position to provide a partial license plate number for the alleged getaway vehicle. Documents state that the police found Sumasar’s sister as the owner of the license plate.

The DA’s papers state that when police contacted Lovell and gave him a photo of Sumasar’s sister, he said she was not the woman who robbed him. After a series of other crimes were reported, authorities suspected Sumasar and detained her.

Her Ex-Partner Arrested For False Set-Up

Seemona Sumasar weeps as she recalls her nearly seven-month detention in the Nassau County jail. She was arrested under a $1 million bond.

As per reports, the 35-year-old woman initially assumed her ex-boyfriend Ramrattan and started saying he had framed her. She charged Ramrattan with rape in March 2009 and claims he set her up.

She was sent to custody pending trial for seven months after a grand jury indicted her on counts of armed robbery. Sumasar discussed her anxieties about being incarcerated for the first time in her life during the news conference.

DA’s Report last week accused Sumasar’s ex-boyfriend Jerry Ramrattan of organizing a complex plot to blame the young woman for a string of armed robberies that never occurred.

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